NeuroProtect is a company focused on creating a drug against different forms of Dementia (Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders)

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We know how to stop Alzheimer!
The company has developed an anti-dementia monoclonal antibody that has shown remarkable effectiveness in animal models including mice, rabbits and monkeys.

The science and intellectual property behind our drug is second-to-none, has been peer reviewed in top scientific journals and has been funded by extremely competitive grants to this point (more than 18 mln USD). The granting agencies will not fund the next step – they believe it is the job of Big Pharma to do that.
In order to get this drug tested in humans at a much faster pace than relying on the Big Pharma industry, NeuroProtect is tapping into the optimism and forward-looking thinking of those in the blockchain community by creating the BRAIN token. Big Pharma dominates the drug industry - astonishingly, Big Pharma revenues in 2016 were approximately US$500 billion. We plan to move this drug into human trials much, much faster than Big Pharma can and allow humanity to profit by allowing humanity to fund it, rather than having the Big Pharma companies swoop in at an early stage and price gauge for the next 20 years.

Proceeds raised from this project will go towards getting this drug tested in people in the U.S, European Union, and all other countries We expect to have data which will show safety and efficacy by 2020 with a resulting exponential increase in the valuation of the company.
Stopping, reversing and curing Alzheimer's Disease will be a profound gift to humankind. When you consider the amount of suffering one person with Alzheimer's Disease goes through and then consider the tens of millions of people such a drug will help, it is clear that developing such a drug and making it available to the general public at an affordable price is something that is among the most noble of causes. This would be a beautiful, and major, contribution of the blockchain community to world health and happiness.
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