Invested capital consumption

Just after successful crowdsale NeuroProtect smart contract transfers ethers equivalent of $4,350,000 from its fund to Project Team to be spent on Stage 1. Remaining funds stays under NeuroProtect smart contract control.

At each stage of completion NeuroProtect Team publishes work results on project website and releases next stage working and financial plans.

BRAIN token holders appraise published results and if they correspond to the Stage or not. The assessment is binary Yes or No. Each BRAIN token holder opinion strength is proportional to the ratio of his number of tokens to total issued tokens. If simple majority of those, who took part in appraising, answered Yes, the stage becomes accepted and NeuroProtect smart contract transfers requested funds to be spent on next Stage (according to working and financial plans), otherwise the project sends for revision, after which it can be re-submitted for token holders' approval.

The team may decide to terminate the project ahead of time if the results of the previous stage are negative.