Result appraising

BRAIN Token holders may appraise completed Stage results. NeuroProtect Team starts appraising by calling NeuroProtect smart contract startAppraise(uint weiReqFund) function. Appraising phase lasts for 7 days. At the beginning of appraising AppraisingStarted(uint weiReqFund) event, which contains information about the fund requested for the next stage, is emitted.

To get information on current appraising constant function appraisingInfo() may be called. It returns next Stage requested financing and remaining appraising time. If appraising phase is absent or finished then function returns zeros.

Appraising function apprais(bool inSupport) is available only for BRAIN token holders and may be called once per each appraising phase. Opinions counting performs only after appraising phase completion to avoid repeated same tokens processing in case of their transfer during appraising phase. On each successful function call Appraised(address indexed appraiser, bool inSupport) event is emitted, it contains appraiser address and his opinion.

NeuroProtect Team finalize appraising phase by calling FinishAppraising() function after 7 days since phase beginning. Function process opinions according to appraisers token amount who called Appraise(bool in Support) function during the phase. Each appraiser opinion strength is defined by his BRAIN token amount. Decision to accept or decline Stage results is taken by simple majority of those, who took part in appraising. At the end of appraising phase AppraisingFinished(bool inSupport) event is emitted, it contains information on appraising phase results.

Token burning

BRAIN token holders may burn their tokens in case of NeuroProtect smart contract completion or termination.

On burning, tokens are recalled from circulation (total tokens quantity decreases on recalled tokens quantity). NeuroProtect smart contract transfer from its fund to token holder address number of ethers proportional to the ratio of burnt tokens to total token number excluding NeuroProtect Team tokens.

Token migration

In case of NeuroProtect smart contract business logic critical errors detection or in case of smart contract business logic improvements, NeuroProtect Team may replace smart contract. To protect token holders interests safe token migration mechanism will be provided.