Crowdsale period is 60 days.

During crowdsale NeuroProtect smart contract issues a limited number of BRAIN tokens equivalent to received ethers amount. Tokens are exchanged at a fixed ratio of 100 BRAIN per US$1.

The exchange is to be done by transferring the ethers to the NeuroProtect smart contract address, and the transaction sender becomes the owner of exchanged tokens.

NeuroProtect smart contract stops to receive ethers and to issue BRAIN tokens when its fund reaches US$33,250,000 threshold.
Be careful and remember that you should not transfer ethers from online wallet incompatible with ERC20 or from crypto exchange account, this can lead to loss of control over the tokens you have obtained.
The ether to US dollar ratio is fixed at crowdsale launch moment and remains unchanged during the entire crowdsale period.

There is special offer for early birds:
  • 120 BRAIN per US$1 during first day of crowdsale
  • 110 BRAIN per US$1 during first week of crowdsale

Crowdsale is successful upon collecting the fund equivalent to minimum US$4,350,000, excluding Pre-ICO fund. If collected funds are less than the minimal threshold, it is to be returned to token holders withholding commission and overhead costs.

Funds collected on crowdsale is to be spent on Project Stages processing according Section 6.

When the crowdsale period is over, NeuroProtect smart contract issues Team tokens. These tokens differ from usual tokens and may be used only for project control purposes, they can't be burned, sold, alienate or back exchanged. Team tokens allow only to appraise Project stages result. Amount of Team tokens is 10% of total BRAIN token issue.

Further ether receiving and BRAIN tokens issuing are not provided.

Number of processed Project Stages depends on funds collected during crowdsale. Project Stages correspond to drug development stages according to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standard. So each successful stage completion corresponds to the product's new level of acceptance as medicine.