There are the following opportunities for token holders:
  • to take part in a significant project and make this World better;
  • plus 100 points to karma;
  • to get the profit – 50% of the royalties from Big Pharma will go to NeuroProtect smart contract fund to be distributed among token holders.

Fundraising for the development of this Alzheimer's drug will employ a fundraising phase known as crowdsale. During crowdsale, people will be able to obtain BRAIN tokens at a fixed ratio.

BRAIN tokens are developed using the Ethereum ecosystem, in particular, using the Token ERC20 standard. The ERC20 specification will be extended to allow Project results appraising.

BRAIN token is a capital formation instrument by means of lending.

Transferring ethers to NeuroProtect smart contract address, token holders obtain right to claim a proportional part of its fund on project completion or termination.

We expect that after each project stage, company valuation is going to increase significantly.

Cashing in is possible at the expense of NeuroProtect smart contract fund by burning tokens in the following cases:
  • project completion. Project completes a deal with Big Pharma. In this case token price possibly increases to 35 times;
  • project termination. Despite our plans, the failure can still happen. In this case the rest of NeuroProtect smart contract fund returns to token holders.