Risks associated with the technology

If we are unable to protect our proprietary technology and other rights, it will reduce our ability to compete for business or, if we are found to have infringed the proprietary rights of others, we could be required to redesign our products, pay significant royalties or enter into license agreements with third parties. Due to the unique nature of our work and the currently published patents, we believe that this risk is minimal.

The development of our product candidates is subject to the risks of failure inherent in the development of new products and product candidates based on new technologies. These risks include:
  • Delays in product development
  • Unplanned expenditures for product development or manufacturing
  • Failure of our product candidates to have the desired end points
  • Emergence of superior or equivalent products and our need to protect or enforce our intellectual property rights
  • Inability to market products due to third-party proprietary rights
  • Failure by our collaborative partners to successfully develop products

While these risks are real and all biotechnology companies face them, we also believe that the unique antibody we have developed is developed far enough already that many of these risky events are extremely unlikely to occur.